E-Learning – Section 508 Compliance

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-9-08-25-amThis E-Learning one-hour training was created in Storyline 2 as part of an internship for the National Technical Training Center for the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Prevention. This was the deliverable for the ICF internship. Please click the picture to view the training.


Textbook: Introduction to the Recording Arts by Shannon Gunn (Kindle, Hard Copy)

This is a textbook I wrote for my students on how to record audio. It covers the physics of sound with videos and pictures, digital recording technology, mics, cables, and mixing techniques. I self-published on Amazon as well, so it can be read on Kindle or hard copy through CreateSpace.

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Recording-Arts-Shannon-Gunn-ebook/dp/B0155ZIU6A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1445185335&sr=8-1&keywords=introduction+to+the+recording+arts

Research Proposal

This is my research proposal for Research Methods. I wish to research jazz trombone pedagogy through three case studies. I built this research proposal off of the previous research that has been done in this arena, and it is modeled after Karen Marston’s doctoral case study on Jan Kagarice, bass trombone professor at the University of North Texas.